Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!

Gavin didn't care that all the balloons I had ordered fell before his party - he still loved them!!!

We had such a fun weekend, celebrating Gavin's birthday at the lake! It was a little windy for his party, but we still went swimming and played outside, it turned out so nice! He was spoiled of course, and is having so much fun playing with all of his new toys! It has taken a little while to get back in a routine, but he had so much fun, it made it all worth it! Thank you to everyone that was there and made his first birthday so special!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here's a recent pic of the three of us! It's hard to get Gavin to hold still long enough to take a picture!!

Meeting Owen!!!!

We welcomed Owen Christopher into our family on August 2nd, but because he needed a little oxygen and had an IV in place, we didn't get to hold him at the hospital - we just got to see him through the nursery window! But we finally got to hold him give him lots and lots of kisses last weekend. We had so much fun! I think Gavin really likes his new little cousin - he kept wanting to hug him! I hardly remember Gavin being so little. We can't wait to watch Owen grow and learn and discover everything around him - I'm sure Gavin will have a thing or two to teach him eventually as well!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost ONE!!!!

He was being so goofy the other day, I just had to share some pics!

Pretty soon we can say we have a one year old! I've been trying to teach him "how many" he's going to be, but he just doesn't seem to really care! Oh well! We're busy planning his birthday party - can't wait! I decided I didn't like the invitations I had bought, after I had them all addressed and ready to go, so we just got the new ones, so they are coming... I promise!

G's first trip to the Zoo!!

We met Brian, Jill, Kate and Jack at the MN Zoo for Gavin's first trip there. Of course, it doesn't rain all summer long, but the day we pick to go to the zoo, it rains all day! We had a fun time anyways. He was so good all day, and was in awe of the animals! He just sat there and took everything in! Next time we go, hopefully it's nice enough to see all the outside exibits too!