Monday, August 23, 2010


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Happy Birthday little buddy!

Today my little Gavin turned 4 years old! He is so smart, so talented, so sweet and so amazing! He is everything that we ever hoped that he would be - and feel so blessed everyday that he was given to us! Happy birthday buddy - hope you had an amazing day! We love you more than there are words to tell you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

eventful day....

We had quite the eventful day today. We slept in this morning after a long night with the Hinderks last night. Gavin and I made a trip to the store to get donuts for breakfast - I was feeling lazy and that's what Gavin wanted for breakfast. We ate our donuts and juice outside and just had a little chat about nothing. After lunch with Bryan, Gavin had his very first dentist appointment. He did so well - they told me they wouldn't do anything that he didn't want them to do - well he let them do everything - clean, polish, examine, xrays and floride - $145 later, we walked out of the office with little shining teeth with no cavities! We stopped in the parking lot to talk to two very friendly policemen - they gave Gavin a badge sticker- which he thought was super cool. Then we made a quick trip to target, and stopped downtown to walk around the farmer's market. Gavin had a little boy make him a balloon sword, and I got some delicious homemade bread. I don't really need to go there for the vegetables, my parents have an awesome garden, and are very generous with their delicious veggies! We spent the rest of the afternoon just playing and hanging out by our little pool. While Bryan and I were grilling supper, I sat down on the deck to look at a magazine - Gav came out to sit by me and insisted that he had to put up the umbrella on the table. He got it part way up and stopped, put it back down and said... "there's something in there." I asked him what and he thought a little while and then said "a frog.... no - it's a raccoon!" I laughed and thought he was kidding. I told him he better get down because if there was a raccoon in the umbrella, it would probably bite him. Then he changed his mind and said "no - it's a rat." Now there was no way that I was going to look under that umbrella even if I did think he was kidding. We sat there for awhile longer and then Gavin went and got Bryan and told him that there was a raccoon or a rat under our umbrella. Bryan started to lift the umbrella up, thinking Gavin was just kidding. Then I saw it - at first I thought it was a big bull frog - but then Bryan yelled - it's a bat! I don't really remember what I did, but I might have thrown the chair I was sitting in and just tried to hide. I might have also screamed and startled the neighbor. Gavin hid under the table - a smart move I wish I would have thought of. That gross, nasty thing was hiding in my umbrella - yuck - I will never be able to open the umbrella again without thinking of it - I hate things like that! After supper, we headed inside and made some homemade cookies and now it's time for bath, books and bed. It was such a great day - minus the bat.