Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter everyone!!! Although it looks a whole lot more like Christmas outside, we managed to have a very fun Easter weekend. Saturday we made G's very first snowman! It's been too cold most of the winter to spend a lot of time outside, so he really enjoyed being able to play in the snow! Gavin helped push the snow into balls and then helped to level the snowman out, but then spent most of his time shoving handfuls of snow into his mouth and sayinig "mmmmmm"... must have tasted really good! I know I've said it a million times, but I am sooooo ready for this winter to be over - last year it was 80 degrees outside at this time!!!!
Anyway, after playing in the snow, the boys took a nice warm bath together... it was too cute. Grandpa and Grandma have towels with the boys' names on them, so they got all snuggled up together afterward... they are just so much fun! (at least when G isn't beating up Owen in some fashion... we're working on being more gentle!) Pretty soon O will be fighting back, then what's G going to do!
Sunday we spent a very nice day in Morristown with the Krause's where we had a great meal and as always great company, it was really nice to see them again. Just like last year, Gavin would not nap while we were at Arlen and Suzanne's.... it's just too much fun! But again, just like last year, he crashed in the car before we were even out of town.
He has had such a fun personality lately. He's been laughing and just generally happy most of the time. I can't believe all of the words that he knows; just last night he walked past his bowling pins and said "bowl ball mama" He just seems to be learning so much so fast - I just try to take everything in, it just amazes me! Can anyone believe he's going to be 2 in 5 months! I'm sure that will bring a whole new set of "fun" into our lives - in the form of tantrums, potty training, and I'm sure a few more tantrums! For right now, I'll focus on the daily hugs and kisses I'm showered with!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new room for Gavin!

I am so excited that I'm almost finished with Gavin's room! I love how it turned out! Bryan and I painted on Sunday while Gavin napped in our bed! We still need to put up the trim and I need a few more things, but it looks so much better than it did - it finally looks like a little boy sleeps there!

Little G!

We had Gavin's 18 month appointment yesterday, and everything looks pretty good! He was so brave during his shot and the blood draw, he just laid there and smiled at the nurses, of course they raved about how cute and sweet he was... he has everyone fooled! We are still waiting to hear what his hemoglobin is, it was low a few weeks ago, so hopefully that's gone up and it's nothing to worry about. If I haven't heard by now, I'm going to assume all looks good. He's been saying a lot more words lately, and imitates EVERYTHING we do! He loves to help me around the house, especially sweeping. His new favorite thing is playdough - although I'm assured a tantrum when it's time to put it away. I should try and get a video of him dancing to post - it's hilarious! He did great with Grandpa and Grandma while we were on our trip, and I think we are pretty much back to our normal routine again - although I spend most of my day dreaming about the beach.... I really really hate winter.... I'm really looking forward to my upcoming scrapbook retreat - there's 11 of us going, and I'm soooo excited to have an entire weekend to try and get caught up! It was G's scrapbook that inspired me to decorate gavin's room... I'll post those pics next! Hope everyone is well!