Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new room for Gavin!

I am so excited that I'm almost finished with Gavin's room! I love how it turned out! Bryan and I painted on Sunday while Gavin napped in our bed! We still need to put up the trim and I need a few more things, but it looks so much better than it did - it finally looks like a little boy sleeps there!


The Wulfs said...

Hey Gavin - Ellie says Hey Gavvy!
We LOVE your room~it looks so cool! We can't wait to come and have a sleep over some day! We miss you ! Lauren & Ellie

Garett said...

Hellllooo Gavin,
I love your room. Can you please tell your peeps to give my peeps some talent for my room.
PS Check out my blog...I was with an older woman this weekend.

JoJosho said...

See Here or Here

Krista said...

Hey G,
I love your new room! Can't wait to see you at Easter!
Miss you & Love you!
Auntie Krista

Kalar said...

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Kazilar said...

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