Friday, February 27, 2009


Snow... I really don't like it at all. I was really starting to enjoy seeing my grass again in our yard, and it had actually been nice enough to go outside. Now yesterday everything filled up with the white stuff again. Not just a little either - I would guess 10 inches - but I'm not sure on the final number. So I was pretty stressed out when it came time for me to drive the 65 mile treck to work last night.... I called and talked to our staffing office and at first they were very understanding, then they called me back and made me feel really terrible for not coming to work - after all it is "my responsibility." So I tried it - and got stuck in the driveway - Bryan saved me and I thought I'd be off again... only to encounter huge drifts and tons of blowing, yucky, snow. I got stuck again... got myself out turned around, got stuck one more time and then headed home - I hardly made it 2 miles, there was no way I was risking the other 63. My director was very understanding and all is well at work. So this morning, I decided Gavin should go to daycare one day this week, being he seems to be feeling much better. Bryan told me I would be fine to drive through the snowbank at the end of our drive way.... yeah right. When we were leaving G asked "are we going to go get stuck now?" No Gavin - daddy said it'll be fine..... nope - got stuck. I very proudly shoveled my way out - even with 5 of the neighbor women walking by after getting their kids on the late school bus - did they offer to help push, or grab their shovels... nope, they just watched. One for all - right? I'll remember that next time their little stay at home butts need my help. So Bryan came home early to blow out our driveway, so I should be fine getting back to daycare to get G, then off to work for the weekend. I should laugh about it - right? maybe this summer when the snow season seems really far away again... can't wait.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ARRRR Matey!

It's been nice spending this week with Gavin - even though he's sick, he doesn't act like it - and we've had a lot of fun playing together. yesterday, however, I think we were both sick of being inside all week and just plain bored... but he was acting so naughty! I had to take toys away, give time outs - and it just was not a lot of fun. Then he down right refused to go to bed - I even went as far as to put the gate in front of his door - and the little monkey climbed right over it. That is when I simply decided to go with it - we had been fighting all day - so I chose my battle and decided to let him play for a little bit. I was folding laundry, and he came in my room, put socks on his hands, pjs on his head and more of bryan's socks on his feet - then he wrapped more jams around his waist and added some towels - and says "hey mom - I'm a pirate.... ARRR Matey!" Even when he's the devil, he still makes me smile....

last weekend

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Laurie and Owen for coming to visit us on Sunday! Gavin was so excited to spend the weekend with Owen and was so sad when I told him we couldn't go to auntie Krista's house. But it ended up being a fun weekend anyway! The boys pertended they were Rigley by playing in his kennel (which btw, has been great for us and for Rigs - he's so much better behaved and actually seems excited for us to come home!) Gavin also gave Owie a ride on his "four-wheeler" - it was so cute how Owen would hang on to G's waist! Lauren and Ellie also came to play for a little while - making it the perfect day! Gavin LOVES to be with his cousins! Each time it snows or is really cold, I start to think about moving to a warmer climate - then I think of these times with family - how could we ever take Gavin away from his best friends!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yucky winter bugs....

Sunday night Gavin started to cough... and cough.... and cough.... all night long. I had planned to bring him to the doctor monday, but he seemed fine in the morning. I noticed an occasional cough throughout the day, but nothing serious. Then he took a three and a half hour nap, woke up with a fever and didn't stop coughing - at all. He would play with his toys, was eating and drinking ok - just coughing. by now the clinic was closed, so we had to make do until morning. Poor guy - he couldn't sleep at all (nor could mom and dad!) The funny thing is, he was acting so normal! He was running around the house at three o'clock in the morning coughing and sneezing - looking awful - but smiling the whole time! Anyway, I brought him in this morning and they said he has bronchitis with a probable pneumonia! We opted not to do a chest xray because it wouldn't change the treatment options anyway - so why put him through that. Again though - he's sitting in Dr. Swanson's office, eyes all red and glossy, dark circles under his eyes, nose running nonstop, coughing and sneezing - but smiling and playing puzzles! The doctor said he looked great for how awful he really looks and sounds! I'm glad he doesn't feel as bad as he looks! Now hopefully with the medicine he starts getting better fast. Don't worry though - he still has all that Gavin gusto - he was able to yell and scream at me that he didn't want to take a nap this afternoon - while he couldn't even keep his eyes open. Two hours later he's now walking downstairs - still smiling!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Gavin and I were watching this video of the Hollywood Studios this morning (follow the link above) and when it was finished, he hugged me and said "oh mommy - it's beautiful!" I think he is offically disney brainwashed!

Mauer or Woods?...

Gavin and I had so much fun last night! We got to spend the night just the two of us and we played so hard! I wish I had pictures of him "practicing" golf and baseball! The golf was the funniest - he would spread his little legs so far apart and then get really serious before he swung! He was actually really good at baseball though - but if he missed he would yell "ahhh.... too early little bit!" As soon as I went upstairs to get the camera he said we were all done - shoot - maybe next time!

I'm so disappointed that it snowed though. Owen and Laurie were going to come spend the night with us, but couldn't because of the snow. Now this morning, we are not going to be able to go see Krista because it's still so snowy - YUCK! We were so looking forward to this sister's weekend, I really needed some time with them, so I hope we can reschedule soon. We should just plan it in the Bahamas like last year - that was too much fun! Gavin is so sad that we aren't going. He has been asking me all morning when Owen is coming... sad.. we'll have to do something extra special today. Welll - he just dumped half the box of lucky charms on the table - that's what I get for blogging and letting him help himself to more cereal!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We are so excited to be staying at these two resorts next September! We will be staying with everyone at the Beach Club for the first 7 nights and then the last 3 Bryan, Gavin and I will be staying at the Polynesian! We can't wait!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bryan! Thank you for everything you do for us... we love you!
(I wish we were in Mexico again today!!!!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We had a great time with friends Friday night bowling! My bowling skills are not anything I will be bragging about, but I did discover new muscles in my backside that have been killing me the rest of the weekend! We had a good meal, yummy ice cream cake for Brandon and Bryan's birthday (29!!) and awesome company - thanks guys for all the fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's officially up and running... although there are only two things posted... good work Jill! We opened up our online store RememberIT! I hope to work on some things to post this weekend! I would LOVE to do other people's scrapbooks for them - how FUN! Now that I have a scraproom (that still needs to be put together) I will actually have a place to create - I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We had so much fun last weekend! We spend the weekend with Laurie and Eric and Owen! Saturday afternoon Bryan and I went to Chanhassen Dinner Theater and saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - it was very good, and it was so nice for Bryan and I to have a little time together! Thanks Laurie and Eric for babysitting! Gavin had so much fun! Sunday morning when we woke up Gavin and Owen wanted to go outside, so we went out and did a little sledding in our jams! It was so fun - I'll try and post some pictures later. I'm not feeling that good today, so Gavin and I are just having a lazy, hang out day - we are watching Robin Hood and just cuddling - I love it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

mixed feelings....

Some days, I really wish I could freeze Gavin just how he is right now. I'm loving all the attention, the hugs and the kisses and even sometimes his complete stubbornness. I love that he can argue with me and tell me his opinion. I love that he can sing to me and that he can "read" me a story - his renditions are even better than the real thing. I just love that he knows what he wants out of his little life; i really want to encourage independence and confidence. However.... when we turned his "nursery" into an official "big boy room" I have to admit, I got a little teary. He's getting big, he's not a baby anymore, and that's a little hard for me to handle. He LOVES his new room - he even laid out on his bed the first time and repeated "I love it mommy, I love it!" He really wanted Hannah Montana sheets, but I think Bryan had a bit stronger of an opinion on that one! He's even sleeping through the night again... perhaps the monsters aren't a fan of the new look. I guess I better get used to all of these changes; but in the mean time, I think I'll go snuggle in that cool new bed with him!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I need some advice. Lately, Gavin has been waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, every night. He doesn't seem scared at all, a couple of times he's been crying, but settles down really quickly. Last night, he came into our room and I laid him next to me and he became mr chatty. I asked him why he woke up and he told me "the lion scared me" then he said, "mommy, there's monsters in my room" oh really Gavin - then he said "there's a mouse too." So then I really couldn't go in his room. How can I get him to stay asleep?