Thursday, February 26, 2009

last weekend

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Laurie and Owen for coming to visit us on Sunday! Gavin was so excited to spend the weekend with Owen and was so sad when I told him we couldn't go to auntie Krista's house. But it ended up being a fun weekend anyway! The boys pertended they were Rigley by playing in his kennel (which btw, has been great for us and for Rigs - he's so much better behaved and actually seems excited for us to come home!) Gavin also gave Owie a ride on his "four-wheeler" - it was so cute how Owen would hang on to G's waist! Lauren and Ellie also came to play for a little while - making it the perfect day! Gavin LOVES to be with his cousins! Each time it snows or is really cold, I start to think about moving to a warmer climate - then I think of these times with family - how could we ever take Gavin away from his best friends!!!!

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