Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the way to Gavin's heart...

The other day, I picked Gavin up from school and had to run to Target for some quick errands. I told him we were going to go to the store quick and this is the conversation that followed:

Gavin: They have treats at the store, right mommy?

Me: yes, they do Gavin, were you a good friend today?

Gavin: Yes, I was a very good friend, and a good listener too - does that make you happy mom?

Me: yes Gavin, that makes me happy.

Gavin: Skittles really make my heart happy mommy, because my heart is in my tummy!

He can be such a little devil sometimes, and then he goes and says the cutest things!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

one more....

Bryan and I were really looking forward to getting to spend Christmas day with our Peterson family, but the snow storm prevented us from traveling anywhere that day. We were happy that we were still able to attend the party the next weekend! We don't get to see that side of the family very often, so it was so nice to spend time with them. Gavin was the only child at the party -(he really missed you Owie!) but he played so nicely by himself. He had his new Toy Story Pop Up to keep him busy! Then Great Grandma Peterson gave him a Mack Truck, that he just loves! We have one more Christmas today with the Wulf's - sure to be a good time!

More Christmas....

We celebrated Christmas with the Wulf's on New Years Day! It's so fun to watch the kids open their presents - they were so good at taking turns this year! Gavin got two of the things he really wanted - he even screamed a couple of times!!! Gavin absolutly LOVES Lauren and Ellie and was so excited to spend the evening with them - we had a great time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finally... Christmas pictures!

It was actually nice enough outside for me and Krista to do a little sledding with the boys!

Wow - I have been so busy working and trying to keep my house clean, I've hardly had time for anything - especially blogging! We had a fantastic Christmas this year! We were able to make it to mom and dad's house before the big storm, but then were stranded there for five days! We had such a blast, playing games, Wii, talking and laughing. It was great to spend so much time together! Gavin was completely spoiled and got everything that he wanted! Santa brought him a bike and a Woody doll, along with lots of other things - he must have been a really good boy this year. He made papa put the bike together right away and was riding it all over the house! He got so many really nice things, and he's been having so much fun playing with all of it! Now it's time for a little nap - there will be more pictures yet to come!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

poor puppy...

I realize that I have been a terrible blogger lately - and really it is on the top of my list of things to do tomorrow. We had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Years - and I have some great pictures to post. But this post, is going to be about a member of our family that doesn't really get very much attention - Rigley. Poor Rigs - he had his biannual vet checkup on Monday and had to be put under to have his teeth cleaned. They cleaned up pretty well except for one molar that is on the verge of falling out. We decided to watch it for a little while rather than pay the $300 to have it pulled. Then his urinalysis showed crystals - not good - he probably has stones in his bladder. Again - it was going to be $150 just to take xrays of his little bladder. I asked the Vet what we would do if she saw stones - start him on a special diet. So, off to PetSmart I went with Rigley's prescription for dog food. Now he has to eat this special food in the hopes of dissolving the probable stones. We have to have another urinalysis in a month and hopefully the crystals are gone. Good news is - that the vet said this would be the reason that he has so many accidents - he simply cannot control it. If this helps - I think Bryan will be happy to keep him and stop threatening to bring him to the pound!