Saturday, May 17, 2008

just another update....

Hey everyone! Well, for some reason, I cannot find the cord to download my pictures from my camera onto the computer, so you'll have to do with another update before you see the pics! So much for an illness free spring - Gavin spent last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the hospital with dehydration. Poor guy - he couln't keep anything down, it was sooooo sad! It took a lot of IV fluids before he finally started going potty again! He spent more than a week home with me, so the transition back to daycare was a little rough - it didn't help that his first day back he got bit, the second day he tripped on the sidewalk and twisted his ankle, and he also had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen - rough week. but all is well and he's feeling much better, back to eating like the human vacuum that we're used to. He lost over two pounds through this whole ordeal - maybe he feels the need to gain it all back right away! I have some really cute pics of him pushing his IV pole up and down the hallway... where in the world could that cord be?!? Anyway, I'm starting to prep for another busy summer. I had told myself we were going to try not to plan so much for the weekends, and try and spend more time at home; that plan doesn't seem to be happening this summer, but that's ok - we like to go places! I hope all is well with everyone! We're really starting to countdown the days to Krista's wedding... I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey Everyone - sorry it's been so long since I've been able to udate. I just wanted to add that Gavin got his stitches out, and did so good! He just sat on my lap and hardly made a sound!!! He's been saying a lot of new words, which is so fun to hear in his little voice! He loves playing outside, thank goodness the weather is finally cooperating. We are going to go and look for a play system this weekend, I'm afraid he won't ever want to come in once that is up! I'll have to post pictures from our sleepover with Lauren and Ellie, I haven't had a chance to download them yet. We had SOOOOOOO much fun! We were kind of snowed in for the night, but we did make it to Pizza Hut - which Ellie was trilled about! "I LOVE PIZZA" she yelled when they brought our food to the table!! We played dress-up, did our nails, watched Cinderella and all slept in the basement! The three kids shared all the toys really well and got along great - no major meltdowns were had! We can't wait to do it again!!!! I love having those little girls around - plus, I don't think Gavin and Owen are going to ever want to try on my dresses or do my fingernails - I guess you never know! I'll get some pictures up sometime this week... we are currently battleing another illness. Gavin got sick on saturday (threw up in front of all of my friends at my jewlery party) that was a lot of fun! THANK YOU again Alison for cleaning that all up!!!! what a good friend! Since then he's had a fever and has just been really tired. I kept him home with me all week, hopefully he can go to daycare tomorrow - that staying up all night at work and then being awake all day with him is for the birds - thank goodness that was only one day. He seems to be feeling a little better today, he finally starting eating again - hopefully he has an illness free summer!