Friday, April 30, 2010

funny little dude....

His aunty Jill is a pretty funny lady too! (Gavin thought those mustaches were GREAT!)

My Gavy is a pretty funny little man. He comes up with the funniest little sayings, and he is always giggling and laughing. I haven't met anyone that doesn't think his big smile is infectious. He loves to play dress up and put on different costumes. If he's not theatrical, I'll be so surprised! I have just a couple of funny little stories to share. The other day, as Gavin and I were driving home from daycare, he says to me: "Mom, your head is like an open garage door." To which I replied, "now what in the world does that mean, Gavin?" His answer? "well,there are no brains in it!" Little does he know how smart his mama really is!
This next one still has Bryan and I laughing. Most people know that my child is somewhat obsessed with Happy Meals. He doesn't get them all that often, but that doesn't stop him from asking us nearly everyday if he can have one. He just loves those little plastic toys, and to his credit, he does play with a lot of them. Anyway, as we were driving home from Home Depot the other night, we happened to go right past McDonalds. Gavin perked up right away with - "please, can I get a happy meal? Pretty, PRETTY PLEASE?!?" "No Gavin - it's too late at night - you've already had supper - blah blah blah" He just sat back in his carseat and sulked with his arms crossed. A little while later we were driving along and there was a car pulled over on the side of the road. Bryan just very casually said outloud, "hmmmm, I wonder what that guy is doing? Just then we hear a sassy little voice from the back seat proclaim - "PROBABLY GETTING HIS KID A HAPPY MEAL!" We couldn't help but laugh - he's just so funny!

Monday, April 19, 2010

our first broken bone....

To be quite honest, I'm truly surprised that it has taken three and a half years for me to be writing this post. Gavin is such a rough and tumble little boy, proven by all of the bruising on his little body. Saturday morning, Gavin put on a cape and was calling himself "Harry Potters"he climbed to the top of Nana and Papas playset and jumped - believing that he could FLY! He wouldn't walk on it, but it wasn't really swollen or bruised at all and he stopped crying really fast. I decided to just watch it, on Sunday, I was going to bring him in, but then he took a few steps and it looked about the same. So this morning when he woke up, he still wouldn't walk on it, so I brought him to the clinic for xrays - and it was broken! I feel terrible- I should have just followed my first instinct and brought him to the clinic. I was very impressed with our doctor today, he did a thourough exam and put my mind at ease that no harm was done by waiting a couple of days - but I still feel terrible. The casting was a family affair - but Gavin sat perfectly still and didn't complain at all - he just asked a lot of questions - he's such a good kid. He thinks his blue cast is really cool and can't wait to have people write their names on it. It could have been a lot worse, so we'll take a little broken foot bone!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our weekend at Leech....

Every year we get to go to Walker and spend a weekend at Leech Lake with my family. It is always so much fun and relaxing too. The big boys go ice fishing - although, I think the two little boys with insist on going with next year! They both cried and cried because they didn't get to go with the guys and fish! We did get to feast on some delicious fish Saturday night! While the guys were out of the cabin, us girls made cookies, played a lot of Mario brothers on the Wii, the little boys played pirates and we took them on a bear hunt - thankfully there were no bears to be found, but we did get a nice little hike out of the deal!

Wednesday night my two favorite boys took me out on a date to celebrate my passing the National Certification of Neonatal Nursing exam! We had a yummy meal at Apple Bees, then went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D - AMAZING! The movie was so cute, and funny and told a great story! Gavin absolutly loved it, he keeps asking me to go see it again. I can't wait to start having Tuesday night dates again with Gavin this summer while Bryan gets his weekly golf fix. Gav and I both love going to the movies, and he's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever got to take out!