Sunday, June 8, 2008


So far our summer has been pretty busy, but so much fun! Gavin LOVES to go to the park and play, we are still looking for a play system for our backyard - that would be so much fun for him! Gavin's newest obsession is blowing bubbles! He gets so excited when we get to be outside! I'll try not to lose that cord again, so it won't be so long between updates! We are so excited for Krista and Shane's wedding next weekend! Wait until you see G in his tux - SOOOO CUTE!

G's Hospital Stay

Here are some pics from Gavin's stay in the hospital. These were taken on the day we got to go home, so he looks pretty good. Those first two days he was pretty miserable, and just slept all of the time. I hope we don't ever have to see him go through that again - it was so sad! Since then, we have been illness free - I hope it stays that way this summer!

Found it!!!!

I finally found the cord to download pics.... well, actually Bryan found it. I had finally given up today after I thought I had looked EVERYWHERE! I was just getting online to order a new one, when Bryan goes - hey, I think I know where it might be - and goes right to the cabinet it's been hiding in! Oh well, at least we found it. These are pictures from our fun weekend with Lauren and Ellie - way back in April! We can't wait to do it again - we had so much fun with them!