Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for! Saturday, we followed through on Wulf family tradition and spent the day at the tree farm and then hanging out together at Gary and Kathy's. Everyone picked out Christmas trees, and Gavin had fun helping cut them down! We found the perfect little tree again, and Gavin and I decorated it last night. Saturday night we played games - Zingo was the big hit of the night - the kids were so cute yelling out which tiles they had! I'll have to spend my entire Thanksgiving weekend at work - but that's ok - I'm pretty thankful for those babies too.

scrap weekend!

I had such a great time last weekend scrapbooking with a bunch of friends! We rented cabins at Clamshell Beach Resort in Pequot Lakes, which turned out to be a great place to work. I got a lot done and had a fun and relaxing time. Jill and I HAD to stop for a photo shoot with Paul Bunyan on the way home - too funny!

Friday, November 20, 2009


There are a lot of things that amaze me. I'm amazed by how smart a three year old is. I'm amazed that after almost 13 years of being together, I love Bryan more than when we first met. I'm amazed by the beauty and fury of mother nature. I'm absolutly amazed at how hard a tiny baby knows how to fight for their lives. I'm even amazed by Jill's wonderful ribbon collection! But nothing amazes me more than the love a mother has for her child. I know how much I love Gavin, and my own mom has always shown me and my sisters that same love. Recently, my good friend Tracy ( , has decided to adopt a little 4 year old girl from Russia - she already loves her like she loves her other 4 children; it's obvious when you talk to her. I'm not amazed because they are adopting a child from another country, or that she's a toddler, or even that she has down syndrome. I"m amazed because she has had her heart set on this for a very long time, she never gave up on Lera, and now it's finally happening for them! I hope that you will pray for their family and you can follow their journey { } if you want - it's going to be so exciting! You amaze me Trace!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fight for Preemies....

November is Prematurity awareness month, and nothing tugs more at my heartstrings, than watching a tiny little baby fight for thier life. It's why I do what I do, to help make a difference in the life of someone. Check out the March of Dimes website, to see what you can do to make a difference!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Things have been good here at the Wulf household. Gavin and I are feeling better, and I think we are finally back into a routine. I worked a lot this last week, so Gavin definitly felt that strain. He does great with me being gone one or two nights, but when it turns into three or four or six like this week, he gets really whiney and just wants his mama - oh what I would do to be able to be home with them every night.

Bryan went deer hunting last weekend and Gavin got to play with Owen and auntie Krista and of course Nana and Papa. From what I hear, they had a fabulous time, and left Nana's house a complete disaster! Bryan did get a buck, so he was pretty excited about that. Gavin had a hundred questions for Bryan about the deer - like: What is that? Where did you find it? Why isn't the trailer full? Can I touch it?

I had a sad night at work last night, so I spent a lot of today thinking about blessings and how quickly your life can change in just seconds. We can make all the plans in the world for the future, but I think I'm just going to live for today.

I'm really looking forward to my weekend retreat. Hopefully I can be productive and get some scrapbooking accomplished! I printed off 8 months worth of pictures - so I have plenty to work on! Bryan is looking forward to hanging out with his brothers and Gavin cannot stop talking about seeing Lauren and Ellie this weekend!

I've also been busy researching for our trip to Vegas in February!!! Bryan was AWESOME and waited for 3 and half hours for us to get tickets to see Garth Brooks while we are there!!! It's going to be a great way to celebrate Brandon and Bryan turning 30! Which, by the way, is not nearly as bad as I made it out to be! :o)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend - I'll get pictures up later this week!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had such a great Halloween weekend! Friday afternoon Gavin had his Halloween party at preschool; we played games, got his face painted and had cupcakes that the kids had helped to make. Gavin LOVED his costume and was so excited to be able to put it on for all of his friends. That night we celebrated Mackenna's 1st birthday, we always have such a great time hanging out at Jeremy and Jackie's, and Gavin was excited to play with Braylon. He actually ended up getting sick later that night, but thankfully it was really short lived and we were able to make it through the rest of the weekend like we had planned. Saturday, Nana and Papa gave the boys Sit and Spins - they were so cute and figured out that it was more fun to have other people push them around and around! That evening the boys had so much fun trick or treating in Renville. Owen was so much fun - he figured out really quickly that when you went up to the houses they gave you candy - and Halloween quickly became his favorite holiday! After each house he would hand the candy to one of us and say "open it please!" We had to stop by Nick and Angi's to see the girls. Lauren was such a cute cow girl, and I'm sure Ellie was the cutest witch that you have ever seen - she took her costume off before we got there! Gavin just LOVES them, and was so excited that he got to hang out with all of his cousins the same night! Later that night we fondued - it took us a little while to figure it all out, but it tasted good and the company was great! Laur kept trying to take pictures of her and Gavin - he was just being so funny. Today, I had a blast jumping in leaf piles with the boys! I had been so disappointed because we didn't get to make leaf piles at home this year - Bryan bagged all of the leaves the last time he mowed - but mom and dad had GREAT piles for leaf jumping today! We ended our morning with a little hot cocoa. It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with Owen - we love you so much little buddy!

The Lone Pumpkin

Being sick most of October really put a damper on our usual Fall fun. We never did visit the pumpkin patch, so thank goodness that Papa grew Gavin 2 pumpkins again this year. Bryan and Gavin had a fun time decorating the pumpkin as a pirate - it looked pretty cute on our front step! We never did make it around to carving the other one, but that's ok too. Gavin was so proud of his pumpkin and loved to show it off!