Friday, August 17, 2012

7 months and wanting to move!

I know I have a lot of updating to do, but the thought of trying to post everything we've done this summer is a little overwhelming!  So, these are from today.  I finally got my camera to upload my pics on the computer - all 610 of them. So, I have a little organizing to do!

Grady is 7 months old already - he is getting up on his hands and knees and scooting around on his butt!  He trys to play with everything that he is not supposed to, but Gavin is really good at keeping an eye out for him - he lets us know right away if Grady has something of his!  Gavin loves being a brother.  He takes his job very seriously!  Just yesterday, I overheard Gavin talking to Grady - he was saying "Grade, I need to teach you things... first lesson, never point a laser in your eye."  Good thing Gav is there to teach him all the important things in life!  We cannot believe how fast both of them are growing.  Gavin starts Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks!  We are busy trying to sell our house, get things ready to move and start anew in Waconia.  Its kind of crazy at our house, but we are enjoying all of our blessings!