Friday, May 28, 2010


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So the other day, Gavin and I were watching home videos from when he was a baby. He LoVeD it! He asked me, very seriously if I would swallow him, but be very careful not to chew him up into little pieces. That way, he could be a baby again (because you KNOW that is how babies get into bellies when you are 3!) It got me thinking about that first year with him and how amazing it was. If only Gavin, it would be so easy to relive that time with you. I put together a little slide show above of some of my favorite pics of baby Gavin - I'm so glad that I have a few videos (we weren't very good at taping.... we still arent.... I'm going to work on that) anyway, I'm glad that we have a few of those videos recording his little laugh and that baby smile - I just love this kid!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm so thankful....

I am finally getting around to writing about mother's day! Laurie and Eric and Owen, came to stay with us on Friday night. Gavin was so excited to have Owen come and stay at our house! They all got to sign his cast too - which made him pretty happy. I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and Gav made me a big purple heart. Bryan made me a shutterfly book with a bunch of pics of Gavy and I - it was the most thoughtful gift he's ever given me - I LOVE it! I feel pretty blessed - I have an amazing child, a pretty cool Godson and two wonderful nieces! I love being a mom!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

who's the parent here?

Tuesday night, Bryan golfs, so Gavin and I get some nice one on one time together. This past Tuesday, I was putting him to bed, reading some books - when I accidently skipped a page - he got very upset and started crying. I put the book down and told him I would come back when he settled down - here's is what happened next:

G: DADDY.... DAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYY - I WANT MY DADDY!!! (silence............)
G: Mommy, will you come here please.
G: Mommy, I'm sorry I cried.
M: I'm sorry I yelled at you Gavin, but I am the mom.
G: but I am the boss.
M: No, Gavin, I'm the mom, so that makes me the boss.
G: Mom - you need to listen and I need to listen, we need to both stay on track.
M: ok
G: mom you are on a different road, and you need to get on Gavin's road - stay on track - k?

What happened to me being the mom?!?

Friday, May 7, 2010

busy busy busy....

and this is what Rigley did while Bryan and I were working so hard around the house!

( Gavin with Great Grandma Betty at Sara's shower)

We have been so busy lately doing all sorts of fun stuff. Gavin, in fact, has been running around so much, he wore a hole right through the bottom of his blue cast! Monday morning, he had a cool new red one put on (we almost came home with a pink one again - but I managed to convince him that red was super cool!) The blue one was so fun because it was filled with so many names - we are working on getting the red one just as decorated! Gav is really excited that Laurie, Eric and Owen get to sign it tonight - they are the only ones left of all of his family! The cast comes off on the 13th and I think we will all be ready for that day. He hasn't complained about it at all, but it doesn't slow him down at all either - hence the reason for the new cast. On the upside, we have gotten good use out of the single socks that don't have a pair! Gavin also has been busy with all the projects he got after he broke his foot. He had a ton of fun painting the race car from Lauren and Ellie and he loved making the bouncy balls from Owen!

Bryan and I have also been busy doing little projects around our house. Last weekend, after Sara's shower, Gavin got to spend the night at Lauren and Ellie's house, so Bryan and I had the house to ourselves. We had pizza delivered and spent the night finishing up the projects that just haven't seem to get done over the last three years. I finally finished painting our bedroom and hung some curtains. Bryan managed to not kill himself and hung THREE bathroom light fixtures - you may remember the ordeal we had awhile back trying to hang them. Trust me, this was an accomplishment! I'm not going to go as far as to say it was an easy venture this time around - nor were they hung on the first try - and we did have a slight blow out (lesson learned: you cannot attatch the white wire to the black one - even if you think it is just an extension!) and lets just say on the first try we had three lightbulbs all lit up in different levels of brightness! But, in all fairness, Bryan didn't complain and just kept trying - handy people, we are not - but we sure had a fun night together! He also fixed the hole in the wall from the last time we were hanging up lights and I tore the towel bar off of the wall. And also the one in Gavin's bathroom when he tore his towel bar off the wall using it as monkey bars - it really is an interesting place to live in our house!