Friday, May 28, 2010

So the other day, Gavin and I were watching home videos from when he was a baby. He LoVeD it! He asked me, very seriously if I would swallow him, but be very careful not to chew him up into little pieces. That way, he could be a baby again (because you KNOW that is how babies get into bellies when you are 3!) It got me thinking about that first year with him and how amazing it was. If only Gavin, it would be so easy to relive that time with you. I put together a little slide show above of some of my favorite pics of baby Gavin - I'm so glad that I have a few videos (we weren't very good at taping.... we still arent.... I'm going to work on that) anyway, I'm glad that we have a few of those videos recording his little laugh and that baby smile - I just love this kid!

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