Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had such a jam packed, super fun-filled weekend! Saturday we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Wulf, and even though it rained, we still hung out by the fire and had a blast! Gavin and I went to the green house with Grandma Kathy and Gr Grandma Krause while Bryan went golfing with Brandon. Saturday evening we got to see Braylon and Kade - Gavin loves to go to Jeremy and Jackie's and play! Then we all showered and were out the door in 25 min (impressive... I know) to go the Jon and Christie's wedding to see auntie Jill and Nana and Papa! Sunday we went to the cities to see Laurie and Eric and Owen, and have a little photo shoot with Nana and Papa - we got some really cute pics - even though we had to cut the shoot a little short - not a problem at all! Then the rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out with Owie - Gavin had a blast and did not want to leave that night! They looked so cute in their matching outfits! Gavin gave me a caribou gift card (yummy!) the book "Llama Llama misses Mama" and the cutest card he colored! I had a great mother's day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

mid-week playdate!

So, every once and awhile, I really struggle with my crazy schedule. I was really starting to feel sick of working "weird" hours and not feeling like I spend enough time with my family. Then my "weird" schedule gave me 8 days off in a row to rejuvinate. Gavin and I took full advantage of all that time together! Tuesday, we met Jill, Kate and Jack for a visit to the zoo. Gavin could not stop talking about the "really, really, really big bear" he was going to see! The bears were so playful again, and Gav and I really enjoyed watching them. The kids got some good quality time together and I really feel like they are beginning to be "friends!" There wasn't nearly as much tension between the dominant Gavin and Kate this time - and all kids were on there best behavior! Tuesday night we got to go to Owen's house to play - the kids played in the back yard and worked off some energy. Gavin showed off his ability to throw quite the tantrum if he didn't get what he wanted - he's lucky Owen was so willing to share. I think we need to start working on "taking turns." It's tough being an only child, I guess. Wednesday we got to play with Kate, Jack and Owen - what a fun day! They completly destroyed L & E's house - toys literally EVERYWHERE! It's so funny to me, that Gavin already knows how to manipulate me to get what he wants - at least he trys... he did not want to take a nap, but he was so cranky, I knew he had to lay down or neither of us was going to make it through the afteroon - I laid next to him on the bed and he told me "I just want to cry right now" thats fine - Gavin you can cry if it makes you feel better. Then as he's starting to wail he yells "I just want Laurlie - go get Laurlie!" Knowing that the good auntie would never make him nap if he just didn't want to! I got a really nice "I"m mad at you mommy" then a hug, a kiss and he closed his sweet little eyes for more than two hours. I got to spend some time with Laur and Jill, and he woke up a happy and well rested little man. I think, all of them had the BEST time when we (I"m not sure who it was) allowed them to play out in the rain! They were soaked!!! But, they all had the biggest smiles on their bright little faces - which made the wet clothes all worth it! Then it was goodbye, the long drive home, a little time with daddy - then back to work again. Now after working 4 nights in a row, I'm exhausted, I miss bryan, I miss my Gavin - I wish I could figure out a way to have it all... I'll keep working on that; but for now, life is really good and I'm so thankful for all the people who are so good to us.

mmmmm... yummy!

Is there anything better than making brownies with Grandma on a Sunday afternoon? Especially when she lets them lick the spatulas clean!

last weekend

Last Saturday, Bryan and Brandon had a Twin study to go to at the U of M, so Gavin and I dropped them off, then had a playdate with my friends from college! It was sooooooo good to see my friends - I don't realize HOW MUCH I miss them until I get to spend time with them. I need to be better about just going and doing that - it makes me feel so much happier! Gavin and I met Bob, Chris and Garett, Alison, Kelley and Andrew at Granite City in Maple Grove. It was nice to have lunch and just hang out and talk. Anyone that has a toddler knows though, that you can't keep them in one place for too long. So, after lunch, Ali and I took Gav to the shops at Arbor Lake and just walked and talked and hung out - there was a small incident with losing a balloon that we had to deal with - but all was well in the end - and Gavin learned that when we let go of a balloon two times in a store, neither mom nor auntie Ali is willing to get it back - good lesson for Disney World I hope! We ended our afternoon hanging out in the children's section at Borders reading books. Gavin read (quite loudly) "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and we purchased Gavin's new favorite "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." THANK YOU Alison for just spending that time with us - I love that Ali and I don't see each other for the longest time, but can pick right back up where we left off - I miss seeing her all the time - and I swear, I'm going to start being better at getting together. After we said goodbye, Gavin and I drove back to the U to get B & B - G passed out before we got to go back through the 94 tunnel - which he thought was AMAZING the first time - poor guy was so tired. I then took a wrong turn and put us in the middle of some construction - yuck - good thing I still remember my way around; and took advantage of the France Ave exit and convinced B & B that I needed to go to the mall! Gavin and I shared lemon cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and G got a thrilling ride on the food court carousal - what a great ending to a near perfect day.

Here's a little video of Gavin I've been meaning to post - (sorry... there are going to be a million posts in one day, as I try and get caught up!)

Gavin LOVES to spend time with all of his cousins; in fact, there is not a day that goes by that Gavin does not mention that he wants to go and see Lauren, Ellie and Owen! This particular day, he TOLD me we were going to go and see Owen, so he was getting ready - seriously... he's so fun. L & E.... you should check out the house next door... it's for sale!

Our fun day at the farm!

Bryan and dad decided to go golfing one afternoon, so Gavin and I hung out with mom for awhile - and we had so much fun! First he wanted to "expolore the woods" so we walked all around the yard picking up big sticks and digging in the garden. Then we took a little walk to the creek and threw rocks in - he loved it! There's something about seeing the rocks make a big splash that he thought was pretty cool. We also played a little game of "Pooh Sticks" and Gav's stick always made it to the other side first! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking in and around all the big farm equipment he could find. It was just a really fun and relaxing afternoon with nana. Then Papa stole the show when he came home and gave G a ride in the tractor! Gavin tells me everyday that he wants to go ride in the "tactor" with Papa! Thanks mom and dad!

Gary Allen

Bryan and I went to see Gary Allen in concert at Jackpot with Brandon and Sara - I have to admit, there was a little drama... but all in all we had a fun night - it's really nice to do some "adult" things every now and then!