Monday, May 4, 2009

Our fun day at the farm!

Bryan and dad decided to go golfing one afternoon, so Gavin and I hung out with mom for awhile - and we had so much fun! First he wanted to "expolore the woods" so we walked all around the yard picking up big sticks and digging in the garden. Then we took a little walk to the creek and threw rocks in - he loved it! There's something about seeing the rocks make a big splash that he thought was pretty cool. We also played a little game of "Pooh Sticks" and Gav's stick always made it to the other side first! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking in and around all the big farm equipment he could find. It was just a really fun and relaxing afternoon with nana. Then Papa stole the show when he came home and gave G a ride in the tractor! Gavin tells me everyday that he wants to go ride in the "tactor" with Papa! Thanks mom and dad!

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