Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

I can't believe that the 4th of July has come and gone already! We had such a fun long weekend. Lauren and Ellie had a sleepover at our house on Thursday night - we went to the park and ate dairy queen ice cream in the car... which was interesting with Gavin, but Lauren was such a good helper, he hardly made a mess! We spent a lot of time outside that night which tired them all out! Friday morning we went to the parade in Spicer, which got a little long and a little too hot for everyone - but it didn't take G very long to figure out that what they are throwing is candy - and boy does it taste good! We had so much fun evne though we were sitting right in the sun! We also got Gavin a very cool priate pool, so after lunch at applebees the kids all cooled off in that - G love its - he's gone swimming a lot since then!!! We didn't make it to the fireworks again this year - too much excitement during the day, Gavin just couldn't stay awake.
He has been so much fun lately, he's figured out how to be silly and goofy - which is so fun for Bryan and I to watch. Although, he's also learned he can be naughty too. Yesterday, I was trying to have a conversation with him on what happens when we are naughty - and he has been in time out before, so he knows what corner that is. Well, after his bath, he wanted to brush his teeth, but ended up dumping a cup full of water all over the counter top - so I nicely told him -
"no Gavin, that is naughty" he smiled at me, said "oh oh - I naughty" and ran naked to the time out corner........ and peed. so much for that - it was like he was saying - I'll show you naughty!!!
that's just a little glimpse into my everyday....
Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. Before I know we're going to be celebrating G's 2nd birthday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summertime fun!

We have been having such a fun summer - I want it to slow down!!! Gavin loves to be outside - some of his favorite things to do are water mom's plants, go to the park, eat ice cream cones and play in the water. He was being such a ham the other day climbing in that bucket!

Krista's wedding

I forgot to add a picture of the other very handsome man at the wedding! Look how nice they both look! I am one lucky girl!!!

Finally some pictures from Krista and Shane's wedding June 14th! The wedding was so beautiful - and so was the bride!!! We had so much fun, and I wish we could do it again!!! As you can see, Gavin was the little ringbearer, and I have to admit he did pretty good all day long. It helped that he had a major crush on the flower girl Hannah, and just wanted to hold her hand anyway! After much coaching on how he was going to have to "walk" with hannah down the ailse, when the time came, he grabbed her hand and said "hannah - we walk!" and off they went. He even sat through church (thanks to the wonder of buzzlight year color books!) and then walked back out again. Thank you so much to Bryan's parents for helping so much with Gavin that night so we could enjoy the dance! I didn't take nearly enough pictures that night - which is complelty out of character for me. I wish I had some of Gavin on the dance floor - he was loving the music!!! We are excited to officially welcome Shane to the family!