Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So silly!

A couple of G's favorite things to do are dance on his Mickey plane - and climb all over his couch!


Hey everyone, just thought I would give a quick update. I've been trying to post pics but for some reason it's not working - there must be a problem with the server. I'll keep trying. We're getting excited to move - less than two weeks now! Gavin is walking everywhere - it didn't take him long to master that skill. We are seeing more of his personality everyday - he just gets goofier and goofier - and a little testy with this new found independance! We might have issues as he gets older - he doesn't seem to understand what the word "no" means - actually he thinks it's funny - not so funny for mom and dad! His new favorite past time is dancing - even if there's no music. Also, I'm pretty sure he inherited his father's appetite - how am I going to keep up?! We've had a busy month, getting ready to move with a toddler is not the most fun I've ever had, but it will be worth it once we are in our own home. Like I said, I'll keep trying to get those pics uploaded!