Thursday, July 29, 2010


My parents totally spoil Gavin - and he knows how to get exactly what he wants. Not too long ago, Gavin and I were in Target, he went into the toy aisle and came out with a box bigger than him - he was soooooo excited that "MOM - TARGET HAS RC!" He just kept telling me how much he "NEEDED" him and that we couldn't leave without him. I continued to tell him no, but that RC would make a great birthday present - his reply? "Call Nana." So I did. I called home and dad answered, dad told him the same thing... that would make a great birthday present. Gavin was almost in tears and just kept telling him "Papa, I can't wait that long... he'll be gone - call nana." I called mom's cell phone and she happened to be in Willmar that day anyway. She met us outside Target and Gavin tells her "Nana.... come quick - they have RC!" Mom told him the same thing... Gavin that would make a great birthday present. So he sulked and pouted - but Nana had a popsicle for him that made everything ok. For the next few days all he could talk about was RC and how much he "needed" him. Gavin went to Nana and Papas that following Saturday and when I talked to him.... what did he tell me? "Mommy - I GOT RC!" He absolutly loves him and trys to make Buzz and Woody ride him like in Toy Story. Seriously... this kid is so spoiled!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Despicable Me

Gav and I went to go see Despicable Me... and he loved it! He now walks around the house saying things like "freeze ray!" "It's so fluffy!" and "curse you tiny toliet!" He really wants to go to it with Bryan one night - so I might have to send them on a boys' night out while I do something girly!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


another cute pic - these girls were so much fun!

Congratulations Brandon and Sara!

We had a blast at Brandon and Sara's wedding last weekend! Bryan was the best man, I was a bridesmaid and Gavin was the ring bearer (although he couldn't figure out why they wouldn't let him actually carry the rings on his pillow!) Gav was so excited to wear his tux, and looked mighty handsome in it! He also couldn't stop telling me "mommy - you look beautiful!" it was the cutest thing. He made it through pictures like a charm, and walked down the isle with ellie no problem... and then slept through the entire ceremony! We all danced the night away - and had a great time - thanks Brandon and Sara!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wow - What a blast!

Whew - that is a lot of blogging in one day! After this one, I'll be all caught up and ready to start fresh after the weekend. We have a huge weekend planned - it's sure to be filled with cute dresses, good looking men, one handsome little ring bearer and a ton of fun!

Last weekend, Brian, Jill, Katy and Jack came to spend the weekend with us! Friday night was filled with a lot of laughter - I never knew Bryan was so good at Balderdash! Saturday the big boys went golfing while Jill and I hung out with the kids. That afternoon we all headed to Green Lake to hang out on Adam's pontoon. The kids had a blast swimming together. We also learned our lesson and now know that children under the age of 10 must have a life jacket on at all times when the boat is moving - thank you Mr. Policeman! Thankfully there were no tickets - just coupons for free ice cream cones - whew!
I think everyone has that friend where they can totally be themselves and know that they are not judged. Jill is my very best friend - she's really more like a sister. We have known each other for 19 years. She has seen me through everything. Our friendship does not falter - I know she will be there for me until the day I die. We used to wrestle on her parent's living room floor, we did everything - and I mean literally EVERYTHING - together in high school, we went to seperate colleges, but stayed close, we stood up for each other at our weddings (we both married a bryan/brian!) we were their for each other when we had our babies, I can call her day or night and of course she'll tell me she wasn't sleeping. Everyone needs a jill in their life - thank you for everything you do for me Jill - now just move closer so we can get our scrap cabin! LOVE. HER!

Lauren's birthday!

For Lauren's birthday this year, she spent the night at our house and I took her to the spa to get a pedicure. It's such a fun thing for us to do together - I love it! Gavin loves having Lauren here and the two of them had so much fun together. We spent a lot of time outside, swimming in the little pool, having a water balloon fight and just chasing each other around! Ellie came and spent a few hours with us the next day too. The kids all went swimming - even Ellie with a make shift swim suit. She wore one of my tops and a pair of Gav's swim shorts! They each made their own individual pizzas that night too! I was TERRIBLE for the 4th of July - I didn't take ANY pictures! We had such a good time too! We spent most of the weekend on the beach in Spicer - and Lord knows I do not want sand in my camera! We watched the fireworks from the beach on the 4th - it was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend!

more fun

just some fun pictures from Bryan's cousin's wedding at the end of June. Gavin LOVED that tie and was so excited to wear it - how much cuter can you get?!

our Owen weekend

Way back in June (I'm much too busy to blog!) Owen came and stayed with us for 2 nights! We had such a blast with him while he was here! The boys played so well together and loved having that time to just be best friends. I'm so glad that Gavin has Owen - it's so fun to watch thier relationship grow -Gavin tells me that Owen is really more like his brother!