Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone - our camera's battery was dead, so I don't have any thanksgiving pics to share - sorry! I do have a little update though. We had Gav's 15 month appointment last week. He's up to 24lbs and 32 1/4 in! He's still really tall for his age! Everything looked good, except for his sinuses - they are full and infected, so that means 20 days of antibiotics! yuck!! He loves to take his medicine though, so it's not a problem for him. He's running all over the place and loves to get into everything - literally!! He says a few words, and has really been into giving hugs lately - I like that part a lot! We're still trying to get settled in the new house - hopefully we can get some furniture soon - that will help. We put up the Christmas tree, which surprisingly G has left alone! We'll see how long that lasts! We're looking forward to seeing a lot of people over the holidays. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our first family vacation to Disney World!

G had soooooo much fun playing in the water fountain! Good thing we had a change of clothes!

Standing in line for his first ride - Winnie the Pooh!
He was so tired he fell asleep sitting up - poor guy - it's tough keeping up with Grandma and Grandpa!
Gavin came back so spoiled after spending a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa - but he finally looked like a "real tourist!"

We're back from our trip, and it went way too fast! We had so much fun and Gavin just loved it! He wasn't scared of the characters - he loved going up and meeting them, he even got a kiss from Pocahontas - I think daddy was a little jealous! He was just so intrigued by everything - he stared at all the lights, took in everything his little eyes could see on the rides, and reached for more fireworks when they were over. He got to be a pretty good dancer too - especially jammin to chubby checker one night at EPCOT - he can really groove for a one year old! I think we all had more fun watching Gavin take everything in than actually looking at things ourselves! We're both going through a little post-vacation depression - and counting down the days until we can go again - December anyone? Although, I don't think he'll need anymore souvenirs for a good five years - he was spoiled rotten! We got a lot of good pictures, so we need to set up a scrappin date - I have so much to work on!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our little pumpkin!

Isn't he getting so big!?!

Wow - what a crazy month October was! We finally moved into our house - it's just so fun having a place to call home again! We all love it - although, Rigley isn't quite sure what to think yet, but I think he likes all the space to run. Gavin quickly mastered going up and down the stairs - and he's loving all the fun places to hide his toys! He had a super fun halloween, isn't he a pretty cute pumpkin? Tuesday night we took him to a halloween party at the church where he goes to daycare. He played some fun games, and we got to eat pizza. I had to work Wednesday night, so Bryan took Gavin trick-or-treating in Renville with Lauren and Ellie. I love that they get to spend time together, he adores those girls - how couldn't you - look how cute they are! I was so jealous that I didn't get to go with, but Bryan said it was so much fun. I was so sad to hear the next morning that someone had smashed my pumpkin. I worked so hard to carve it and make it perfect - and I didn't even get a picture of it! Grandpa will have to grow another one for Gavin next year. I better go and try and get some sleep, I've been up all night playing with tiny babies! Plus I need to get up early to finish packing for our trip! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!!!