Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone - our camera's battery was dead, so I don't have any thanksgiving pics to share - sorry! I do have a little update though. We had Gav's 15 month appointment last week. He's up to 24lbs and 32 1/4 in! He's still really tall for his age! Everything looked good, except for his sinuses - they are full and infected, so that means 20 days of antibiotics! yuck!! He loves to take his medicine though, so it's not a problem for him. He's running all over the place and loves to get into everything - literally!! He says a few words, and has really been into giving hugs lately - I like that part a lot! We're still trying to get settled in the new house - hopefully we can get some furniture soon - that will help. We put up the Christmas tree, which surprisingly G has left alone! We'll see how long that lasts! We're looking forward to seeing a lot of people over the holidays. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Garett said...

Hey Gav,
Thanks for being the only one to respond to my blog. Yup, I will be at our mommies party with my devil party/dancin pants on. Will I see you there? It sounds like a late night so I might have to leave early with my daddy and my mommy might stay a little longer...but we'll see.
Later Dude