Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Footballl Sunday

Well, it's that time of year, when I barely see my husband without his fantasy football teams pulled up on a computer in front of him... and football seems to dominate all conversation in our house! Last Sunday was so nice out, even Brandon and Bryan couldn't resist spending a little time outside - of course they were playing catch with the football! I don't know who was more tired, Gavin or daddy - they played so hard!

Happy Birthday Ell-Belle!

We had sooooo much fun at Ellie's 4th birthday party last Saturday! We love you Ellie!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cookie Day!!!!

Sunday I got really adventurous and decided to bake cookies with Gavin! It was a blast! He had so much fun dumping in the ingredients, cracking the eggs, stirring the batter, scooping the dough out - and of course taste testing everything - even the flour/soda/cinnamon mixture (which he was not a fan of!) When we got it all put together he ate a big finger full, and then goes "mmmmm, mom it's good!" so glad I got his approval. I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out - he ended up adding more flour when I wasn't looking and also spilling quite a bit of the dry ingredients on the floor. but they actually ended up tasting really good. I think both of us were covered in more flour than made it into the dough... but hey, we had a good time!

Our day with Owen!

Saturday Gavin and I spent the day with Laurie and Owen at the zoo. We had so much fun, and it was such a beautiful day! All of the animals were awake and active - so that was fun to see too. Gavin was scared half to death by a fake snake.... which was actually really hilarious! Poor guy - still talks about the "yucky snake." Owen was Mr. Personality at dinner, and just being goofy - Gavin fell asleep almost before we were out of the zoo parking lot, and slept through most of dinner! It was so nice getting to spend the day with them, I'm so thankful we are able to do things together! thanks for the fun day Owie! (and Laurie too!)

friday night fire

We've been having a lot of fun spending time outside in the evenings.
Friday we had a fire - and Gavin loved it!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son...

"Go Mom Go!!'

yes that is underwear on our heads!
Thanks for the pics Krissy!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Fun!


We had such a fun long weekend! Thursday night, Bryan, Gavin and I drove to Brainard and stayed at "The Lodge" waterpark and hotel. We had 1 hour to swim when we got there, so we quick took advantage of that - they had a couple of big slides and a lazy river and then a fun park like structure for G. He had so much fun swimming and splashing and riding on the tubes! When we were finished, and drying off he just looked at me and with a big sigh goes "That was FUN!" We swam again on Friday morning after playing in the arcade. Then we headed off to Detroit Lakes to visit Krista and Shane. The weekend was filled with lots of Wii playing - even G joined in on some boxing and some Mario Cart! We had so much fun!!! We also got some swimming in at there pool and just lots of time with our family. The last picure above was taken Sunday when Gavin was teaching Krista how to "dance" - he insisted she do what he was doing... and being the good auntie that she is, she obliged.... too funny!