Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Las Vegas!

We had an incredible time on our vacation this year! The highlight of our trip was definitly the Garth Brooks concert on Friday night. It was just Garth and his guitar, and it was absolutly amazing! It's hard to describe how much MORE than just a concert it was. The theater was small, so it felt intimate, he asked for requests from the audience, and told a lot of stories about his career. Trisha Yearwood even made an appearance - amazing!!!! We did a lot of walking - it was cool to check out all of the huge hotels and their attractions. Bryan and I looked at the gondala rides on Sunday, but ended up not going on one - oh well, maybe next time! We also went to the Secret Gardens at the Mirage, and saw dolphins, Tigers, Leopards, and two amazing white Lions - they were absolutly gorgeous - and huge! That was super cool, until I saw a mouse, freaked out, almost had a panic attack and had to leave - great - thanks phobia for ruining my fun day! Overall, it was a super fun trip, and the weather was perfect - sunny everyday! It was so nice to get away from the snow and the cold. Spring can just hurry up and arrive any day now!

so much fun...

Wow - this post is super late! But we had so much fun, I had to post it - it's not really my fault - I couldn't get these pictures uploaded for the longest time! Anyway - Lauren came and stayed with us the weekend of Jan 16 (told you it was awhile ago!) Gavin LOVES LOVES LOVES to have Lauren here. They play so well together, and Lauren does an amazing job of watching out for her little cousin. The other day, he told me he wishes Lauren and Ellie were his sisters! Lauren and I had a scrapbooking weekend planned - but also made lots of time for playing too. Lauren completed an entire 12x12 scrapbook while she was here- and it turned out so, incredibly cute - that girl is talented! The kids had a blast playing in the snow too - we have a very small sledding hill on the side of our house, and Lauren taught Gavin all sorts of new tricks - like how to ride your sled like a surfboard! Come Monday, both of the kids were pretty tired - and we were having so much fun, I completely forgot to have Lauren do her homework - sorry Ang! Can't wait until we can do it again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy 30th to one amazing guy...

Today is Bryan's birthday - and we are so thankful that we were all here together today. Gavin and I surprised him by showing up at work with balloons and cupcakes for his office - Gavin loves to go to daddy's work, so he thought it was great! Bryan surprised us by taking the afternoon off, so we could all be home together! Brandon and Sara joined us for a very nice dinner and some delicious ice cream cake! We had such a great day together and I hope that Bryan knows how much he is loved and appreciated. He has such an amazing way of making us feel loved and special. He always gives and never complains, and he really knows how to make everyone around him smile. I feel so blessed that he picked me to be his wife and I hope I succeeded in making his day feel very special. We celebrated their birthday in Vegas over the weekend and had SO MUCH FUN! Happy Birthday hunny - here's to many many many more- we love you so much!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Murphy's Law....

What can go wrong, will go wrong: was the theme in the Wulf household last night! I wanted to post some super cute pictures I have from the weekend Lauren stayed with us, but for some reason they won't download on to my computer. Anyway, so Bryan and I decided we should hang up the new bathroom light fixtures - it looked relatively simple, and it should not have taken us very long. I was so wrong. Bryan took the old one off and started to install the new one, to find out it was a different size than the box, and a different shape. After trying about 30 different ways to make it work, Bryan got it attatched to the wall. but we couldn't get the fixture to fit, so we took it all apart again. Tried something else, didn't work, something else, still didn't work, one more thing - ok now it fits. Oh - but the screws won't go in the holes... of course they won't. Bryan quits, so I decide to try. Well, I'm still a little sore from when I took a major fall on the ice last week, not to mention I've been holding up a light fixture for the last 2 and a half hourse! so I innocently grabbed the towel bar for support - and it came flying off the wall, at pretty much the same time, the lightbulb on the counter rolled off and broke into a million pieces on the floor. Now as Bryan is trying to help me, Gavin decides to come into the bathroom and before we could stop him - he turned on the light - AS WE WERE WORKING WITH ELECTRICITY!!!!! I freaked out - but thank GOD no one was hurt! Gav felt pretty bad - he just wanted to help and he thought it was too dark in there! Anyway - Bryan finally got the stupid fixture on the wall - and after we turned on the light - we decided that it was not the right color to match all the other fixtures - so now we have to take it back to the store and start from step one. I think I might call my cousin, the electrician.