Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Las Vegas!

We had an incredible time on our vacation this year! The highlight of our trip was definitly the Garth Brooks concert on Friday night. It was just Garth and his guitar, and it was absolutly amazing! It's hard to describe how much MORE than just a concert it was. The theater was small, so it felt intimate, he asked for requests from the audience, and told a lot of stories about his career. Trisha Yearwood even made an appearance - amazing!!!! We did a lot of walking - it was cool to check out all of the huge hotels and their attractions. Bryan and I looked at the gondala rides on Sunday, but ended up not going on one - oh well, maybe next time! We also went to the Secret Gardens at the Mirage, and saw dolphins, Tigers, Leopards, and two amazing white Lions - they were absolutly gorgeous - and huge! That was super cool, until I saw a mouse, freaked out, almost had a panic attack and had to leave - great - thanks phobia for ruining my fun day! Overall, it was a super fun trip, and the weather was perfect - sunny everyday! It was so nice to get away from the snow and the cold. Spring can just hurry up and arrive any day now!

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