Wednesday, February 24, 2010

so much fun...

Wow - this post is super late! But we had so much fun, I had to post it - it's not really my fault - I couldn't get these pictures uploaded for the longest time! Anyway - Lauren came and stayed with us the weekend of Jan 16 (told you it was awhile ago!) Gavin LOVES LOVES LOVES to have Lauren here. They play so well together, and Lauren does an amazing job of watching out for her little cousin. The other day, he told me he wishes Lauren and Ellie were his sisters! Lauren and I had a scrapbooking weekend planned - but also made lots of time for playing too. Lauren completed an entire 12x12 scrapbook while she was here- and it turned out so, incredibly cute - that girl is talented! The kids had a blast playing in the snow too - we have a very small sledding hill on the side of our house, and Lauren taught Gavin all sorts of new tricks - like how to ride your sled like a surfboard! Come Monday, both of the kids were pretty tired - and we were having so much fun, I completely forgot to have Lauren do her homework - sorry Ang! Can't wait until we can do it again!

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