Thursday, May 13, 2010

who's the parent here?

Tuesday night, Bryan golfs, so Gavin and I get some nice one on one time together. This past Tuesday, I was putting him to bed, reading some books - when I accidently skipped a page - he got very upset and started crying. I put the book down and told him I would come back when he settled down - here's is what happened next:

G: DADDY.... DAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYY - I WANT MY DADDY!!! (silence............)
G: Mommy, will you come here please.
G: Mommy, I'm sorry I cried.
M: I'm sorry I yelled at you Gavin, but I am the mom.
G: but I am the boss.
M: No, Gavin, I'm the mom, so that makes me the boss.
G: Mom - you need to listen and I need to listen, we need to both stay on track.
M: ok
G: mom you are on a different road, and you need to get on Gavin's road - stay on track - k?

What happened to me being the mom?!?


Tracy said...

Oh, I just love the Gav Man! Can he get any smarter???

Tracy said...

OH, and mama--what were you doing up 4 hours ago? MMMMM???

Kristin said...

Mer, that is so funny!!!
Sounds like something my girls would say to me.
What did happen to being the boss?

伯函 said...


Jill S said...

That is so super cute. Love it. :)