Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mauer or Woods?...

Gavin and I had so much fun last night! We got to spend the night just the two of us and we played so hard! I wish I had pictures of him "practicing" golf and baseball! The golf was the funniest - he would spread his little legs so far apart and then get really serious before he swung! He was actually really good at baseball though - but if he missed he would yell "ahhh.... too early little bit!" As soon as I went upstairs to get the camera he said we were all done - shoot - maybe next time!

I'm so disappointed that it snowed though. Owen and Laurie were going to come spend the night with us, but couldn't because of the snow. Now this morning, we are not going to be able to go see Krista because it's still so snowy - YUCK! We were so looking forward to this sister's weekend, I really needed some time with them, so I hope we can reschedule soon. We should just plan it in the Bahamas like last year - that was too much fun! Gavin is so sad that we aren't going. He has been asking me all morning when Owen is coming... sad.. we'll have to do something extra special today. Welll - he just dumped half the box of lucky charms on the table - that's what I get for blogging and letting him help himself to more cereal!

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