Friday, February 27, 2009


Snow... I really don't like it at all. I was really starting to enjoy seeing my grass again in our yard, and it had actually been nice enough to go outside. Now yesterday everything filled up with the white stuff again. Not just a little either - I would guess 10 inches - but I'm not sure on the final number. So I was pretty stressed out when it came time for me to drive the 65 mile treck to work last night.... I called and talked to our staffing office and at first they were very understanding, then they called me back and made me feel really terrible for not coming to work - after all it is "my responsibility." So I tried it - and got stuck in the driveway - Bryan saved me and I thought I'd be off again... only to encounter huge drifts and tons of blowing, yucky, snow. I got stuck again... got myself out turned around, got stuck one more time and then headed home - I hardly made it 2 miles, there was no way I was risking the other 63. My director was very understanding and all is well at work. So this morning, I decided Gavin should go to daycare one day this week, being he seems to be feeling much better. Bryan told me I would be fine to drive through the snowbank at the end of our drive way.... yeah right. When we were leaving G asked "are we going to go get stuck now?" No Gavin - daddy said it'll be fine..... nope - got stuck. I very proudly shoveled my way out - even with 5 of the neighbor women walking by after getting their kids on the late school bus - did they offer to help push, or grab their shovels... nope, they just watched. One for all - right? I'll remember that next time their little stay at home butts need my help. So Bryan came home early to blow out our driveway, so I should be fine getting back to daycare to get G, then off to work for the weekend. I should laugh about it - right? maybe this summer when the snow season seems really far away again... can't wait.

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lauriestrey said...

oh, Mer - sorry about those mean ladies. I wish I lived in your neighborhood! I totally would have helped you. I hate mean people.
Hope you have a good weekend. Kisses to G!

love you!