Thursday, February 26, 2009

ARRRR Matey!

It's been nice spending this week with Gavin - even though he's sick, he doesn't act like it - and we've had a lot of fun playing together. yesterday, however, I think we were both sick of being inside all week and just plain bored... but he was acting so naughty! I had to take toys away, give time outs - and it just was not a lot of fun. Then he down right refused to go to bed - I even went as far as to put the gate in front of his door - and the little monkey climbed right over it. That is when I simply decided to go with it - we had been fighting all day - so I chose my battle and decided to let him play for a little bit. I was folding laundry, and he came in my room, put socks on his hands, pjs on his head and more of bryan's socks on his feet - then he wrapped more jams around his waist and added some towels - and says "hey mom - I'm a pirate.... ARRR Matey!" Even when he's the devil, he still makes me smile....


Krista said...

Oh Gavie, this made me laugh out loud. you are hilarious! Get better soon! Can't wait to see you next weekend. I love you!
Auntie Krista

lauriestrey said...

I hope you are feeling better Mr. Jack Sparrow :) You are tooooo funny! Can't wait to see you Friday.

love you!
Auntie Laur-lee