Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun times!

I have been meaning to update this for awhile now, but we've just been so busy! The weekend before last was filled with weddings - my favorite! Friday night we went hawiian style for Lindquist's reception - it was a perfect night for an outdoor reception - complete with a tiki bar! Saturday was Danny and Liz's wedding - which was so nice! Gavin liked dancing with all of the other kids on the dance floor - I can't wait until he actually dances - Krista and Shane's wedding will be so much fun for him. For those of you wondering, the 4th picture is Gavin with his Uncle Brandon - dad's in the background! Last Sunday we took Gavin for a little ride in the boat - only to get caught out in the middle of Green Lake with a boat that wouldn't start! Luckily, a nice couple came over and pulled us up to there cabin, we hung out there for awhile - they even gave Gavin a popsicle! he LOVED the beach, I'm starting to think he might actually like the taste of sand.... he loved the waves crashing into him too - he just sat there and laughed. We did get the boat started then and made it back to the landing. We decided it would be better to just go to the beach and swim some more, so Gavin had a full day in the water! I can't belive August is here tomorrow - pretty soon we'll get to welcome baby Strey into the family - we're counting the days!!!!

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