Monday, August 11, 2008

The MN Zoo!!!!

getting ready to go to the zoo - gavin insisted on wearing his hat and sunglasses!

that's me and Gav, (I'm wearing pink) right up front as the shark goes by!

Bryan and I love going to the zoo every year (well at least I do!) and it's even more fun now with Gavin. He loved looking at all of the animals - I think his favorites were the monkeys, the shark and the dolphin! I thought the new grizzley bear exhibit was very cool too! He also had fun at the farm, where he fed goats and got to see some more familiar animals. The day was pretty hot - so we were all pretty tired by the end of the afternoon. Gavin slept through most of supper, but woke up in a really good mood and excited to go swimming at the hotel. We spent the night in bloomington and then headed to Morristown on Sunday - it was such a fun weekend!

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