Wednesday, February 16, 2011

things that make you go hmmmmm....

Gavin is a pretty funny kid, he says things all the time that make us laugh. here are a few new favorites...

* The other night before I left for work, he was hanging on me and crying saying "mom, don't leave, please don't leave!" I told him he leaves me to go to school every day, and that's ok. To which he responded... "well MOM... I need to get money for my checks so we can go to Disney World!"

* Randomly on the drive home from preschool one day, we had this conversation:
G: Mom, are you going to get a baby in your belly, or what?!
M: Well, Gav, I'm not sure.
G: Well it better be a sister!
M: Gav we don't really have a choice, if I do have a baby, it might be a boy - what would you do if you had a brother?
G: We could, like, take it back... or give it to a family that really needs a baby.
M: no.... it doesn't really work that way.
G: well when you have my sister, her name will be Gavin too.
M: that would just be confusing, we already have a Gavin in our family.
G: I said, her name would be Gavin TWO!
M: What if I walked into the room and said hey Gav?
G: (rolling his eyes) you could just say hey you on the left or hey you on the right!

He seriously has an answer for EVERYTHING!

Now this week, he's been sick, and taking medication, so I'm going to blame this next conversation on that, but really, it was probably just Gav. Last night I was lying next to him before bed and here's our talk....

G: Mom when did you get Rigley?
M: a long time ago before you were born.
G: oh - when he was a baby in your belly?
M: um no, puppies don't come from mommies' bellys, he came from a store.
G: yeah, like a pet store.
M: yes.
G: Mom, did you know crabs have gold teeth?
M: No Gavin, I didn't know that.
G: Oh - neither did I. Good night.

I'm still going hmmmmmm????

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Tracy said...

OK-I am sooo behind on my blogging and I just read this post. I just have to tell you that I am laughing my butt off! Man, that kid is so stinkin' funny! Love that boy!