Friday, July 22, 2011

the last couple of months....

Contrary to what it seems, I have not forgotten I have a blog! Summer kind of gets away from me, and I'm just busy enjoying myself, I tend to forget about little things like the computer! This summer has been flying by! It doesn't help that I spent the last two weeks in bed with pneumonia! Gavin got it the middle of June, and sure enough, right after the 4th of July, I started feeling crummy too. It knocked me out a little worse than Gavin. I ended up with an IV and got boluses and antibiotics as an outpatient. I'm just glad I didn't have to stay at the hospital. Bryan was a great little nurse and pretty much waited on me for 2 weeks. But, prior to being sick, Gavin ran in his first kids race in Renville this year on my birthday! He was so excited the entire week leading up to the race - I think they ran about 4 blocks! For him, the snowcone at the end of the race was the best! He also got to ride with his uncle Nick in the fire truck for the parade, he thought that was pretty cool. Gavin has also been busy playing t-ball on Thursday evenings this summer. He loves it! We watched a game last night and it was so cute watching them all run after the ball and dive on top of each other to get to it! He has one more game next thursday and then is done for the year. He has also really taken to golf this year, and has been wanting to use his golf clubs a lot. Many nights, you will find him and Bryan outside swinging away - like father, like son. Bryan took him last weekend for his very first round of golf on the course. Gavin could hardly stand the wait, everyday he woke up and asked if it was Friday yet. Then on Friday morning, he came running in my room yelling "today's the day!!!" Bryan said he did really well listening and taking his turn, he can't wait to go again! Finally, over the 4th of July, my favorite time of year, Adam was kind enough to let us use his pontoon for the weekend! We had a blast! The weather was perfect, and the company was fantastic! The kids had so much fun swimming and just hanging out on the lake the entire day. I have to give myself a little credit, as I was the one who drove the pontoon, and also pulled it home that night.... yes, a talent I didn't know that I possessed. Now as July comes to an end, we have lots of fun things to look forward to... a week at the lake, 2 very special little boys' birthday parties, and planning for our September trip to Florida!

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