Monday, January 7, 2008

What a VERY Merry Christmas!!

Just hangin out eating some chex mix with Uncle Shane!
Wow - life got really busy the past few weeks, sorry I haven't updated this sooner! We had such a nice Christmas, it was so good to see so many of our family and friends. Gavin was sick the week before, but was feeling better just in time for all of the fun. We started our celebration friday night with the RatTrap family christmas. I feel so blessed to have such a close group of friends, and although I don't see them nearly as often as I like, it doesn't seem to make a difference when we get together - we had so much fun, and the food was delicious Kell! G also got to spend some time with Garett, who is just a few weeks younger - it was so fun to watch them play! Saturday we spent with the Wulf's and Sunday with the Hagen's - Gav was spoiled rotten - and loved every second of it, although I think he might have been a little overwhelmed - which toy to play with first!?! such decisions a one year old has to make. :o) He really enjoyed opening his gifts this year too, which was fun to watch. Monday was spent at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Eden Prairie. It was so nice to see so much of our family! By Tuesday, Gavin was pretty much Christmased out, we had a pretty low-key day trying to give him a little normalcy, which I think he appreciated after his 4 hour nap that afternoon! And we've pretty much been trying to get back to normal ever since. My new year was spent with a very ill baby, which made me appreciate my own blessings even more. It never ceases to amaze me what a miracle a baby is, and how tragic it is when something goes so terribly wrong. Most days I can't even believe the role I play in these people's lives - what a privledge - I just have to remember that when I haven't sat down for 10 hours and my head is spinning! I assisted at the delievery of twins last night - which was very exciting! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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