Monday, January 7, 2008

One busy little boy!

" What?!? I'm not supposed to eat my paint?!"
"I'm going to get you mama!"
Gavin has been one busy little boy lately, he's learning so much, I just love watching his little brain at work. The other day he put his hand over the heater as it was blowing warm air, and looked up as if he was scolding me and said "OT - NO UTCH!" translation: Hot- don't touch! He really does listen when I talk to him! He's also been using his signing a lot lately too - he's gotten really good at "more" and "please" and will do "thank you" every now and then, but he gets that one confused with blowing kisses! He thinks everything is hot - and insists on blowing on all of his food before he'll eat it! He also seems to think our prayers are comical, he just sits there and smiles at us! He loves his new tricycle he got for Christmas, he climbs on up and insists we push him all over the house, it'll be nice when he can reach the petals! He also plays a lot with his tool bench, it amazes me that he knows for the most part what each of the tools does - must be a boy thing. He still loves music the most, and can pretty much dance in rhythm to anything you put on. He figured out how to turn the radio on in my room, so that pretty much plays all day. He has started going to daycare three days a week. After Christmas he made the big move to the toddler room, which he is really enjoying. They do a lot more activites, and keep them busy all day long, which is something Gavin really needs, or he'll bore easily. Apparently he hasn't mastered how to eat lunch at the big kid table yet, they tell us he gets up to explore all the time. I was happy to hear though that he naps really well in a cot, which I was a little worried about. Mom is really enjoying the extra sleep day too - what a difference it makes!

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