Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some of my favorite things to do!

Snuggle on the couch
Help daddy clean the garage!
Arts and crafts with mama
Brush my teeth! (he's obbessed!! notice... two toothbrushes)
Bath time!

Gavin has been so much fun lately! He's learned how to run pretty fast, which makes picking him up from daycare pretty interesting, as he's running down the hall squealing! He has so many favorite things to do - he just has so much fun expoloring everything. He's also been saying a lot of new words. He tries to repeat everything we say. Bryan was pretty excited when he said "golf ball" last weekend! We spent last weekend at Leech Lake with my family - we had so much fun. I have to wait to get pictures from my sister before I can post any. We took some cute ones of Owen and G playing together - they were actually fighting over toys - crazy! We're getting so excited for our trip - a nice tropical vacation is just what we need right now - this crazy cold it really starting to get to me.

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Garett said...

Hey Gav, I really like your new pictures (finally). I have one piece of advice...don't pee in the bath because then you get yellow water (and nice cup placement by the way).
Love ya bro,