Tuesday, June 16, 2009

funny things...

I almost forgot to post a couple of the really funny things Gav said this weekend.

On Friday night, Owen was "talking" to Gavin, but Gavin couldn't understand him, so he ran over to my mom and says "Nana, Owen is speakin Spanish!" (I seriously, cannot stop laughing about this... it gets funnier each time I tell it!)

On Sunday, Gav and I were eating lunch on the deck, when he reached his arms up around my neck and says "mommy, you make me sooooo happy!" Doesn't that just melt your heart!?

better stop blogging and get him to bed - then I have my Tuesday night date with Edward Cullen... Jill, I wish you were here too!

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Jill S said...

Edward.....{sigh}!! Kristi and I watched it on Monday night. Brian just doesn't understand. :(