Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This last weekend was one of the best of my life - literally - I was reminded how blessed I am to have so many great people in my life. It was so jam packed with fun days - I think I'll give each day it's own post. I'll start with Thursday. I turned 30. I have to honestly admit that I was really dreading that day - it just seems like it's a whole new chapter to start. I loved my 20s - I felt like I could still be carefree and it was ok if I made mistakes. The more I think about it though - I don't think 30 is going to be so bad. I have a great job, an AMAZING family and some really great friends. I have a home, a car, some fun hobbies. I'm running as far as I did in college and I guess I still just feel like me. But most of all, I have Gavin - and everyday he reminds me what a wonderful thing it is to be a mom. So, Bryan, knowing how much I really did not want to celebrate this year - went all out for my birthday, and made me feel pretty darn special - again... how did I get so lucky?!
Thursday started out like any other day - Gav went to daycare for a little while. I picked up my house, had lunch on the deck with Bryan and then read for awhile and had a great run. It was such a beautiful day. Bryan brought me a plant at our lunch date and I got LOTS of birthday kisses from Gav! Thursday night - we met Danny, Liz and Zach for dinner. Danny and I share a birthday, so we tend to get together each year. We went to Melvins - Gavin loves to play on the beach while we eat! Bryan gave me a Canon SLR, so we spent a lot of the night playing with my new toy! It was the perfect day - little did I know how much more he had planned for me!

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