Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....


We had a great time decorating for Christmas tonight! I think the best part was that Gavin was so excited to look through all of his ornaments this year. And the fact that he insisted on only wearing his underwear was pretty funny too - I will admit that it is always pretty warm in our house - so I guess he was just being comfy! He was so cute hanging up his new ornaments - when he opened the Buzz one from Nana and Papa he let out a huge sigh and says "oh, I just LOVE it, mom!" Then when he hung the cowboy hat that Lauren made him, he says "this one makes my heart really happy!" He loved how it hung on the tree and just couldn't stop looking at it! He's so sweet, and he really does love his cousins! All in all, I think our tree looks great - even though all the ornaments are clustered together and half of them are on the bottom branches - it's the best it's ever looked - I'm so glad that Gavin was so willing to lend a hand!

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lauriestrey said...

I LOVE that he's just in his underwear. what a sweetie! Can't wait to bake cookies next weekend!
love you!