Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ellie day!

Before my nieces go to school, I like to treat them each to their very own special day! It's fun for them, and it really means a lot to me. On their day, they get to pick out whatever we do, where we eat, etc. So for Ellie day this year, she came to stay with us the night before, and first thing in the morning, she wanted to play dress-up - in my closet! She loves all things girly - especially my "fancy" stuff! Gavin even got in on the fun and put on some of daddy's clothes. Then we went to eat lunch at taco johns and headed to the beach for awhile. We got ice cream and hung out at the park after swimming. Then we headed to the spa for a pedicure. I did learn, that from now on Gavin will not be joining me and the girls at the spa - the spa really is not designed for little 4 year old boys - plus, it's much more fun if I can get a treatment too! I loved that she wanted Ellie day to last longer. My favorite part, besides all the one on one time with one of my favorite girls - was when Ell was running around the park yelling "This is the best Ellie day ever!" I think she enjoyed herself - but i really can't wait to do it again! Ellie celebrated her 6th birthday this month too. Happy Birthday sweet girl - we love you so much!!!!

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