Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Gavin officially started Pre-K, the beginning of September! I think he was ready for a new challange, and has really been enjoying his class. You can tell, by the picture, that I worked the night before Gav had his first day of school. Bryan dressed him so weird that day.... I would

have at least had him wear something cute on the first day! Plus, I would not have taken his picture by the front door! Oh well... he gets an A for effort - he thought it was silly to take a picture the first day of preschool anyway! Gavin is getting so big - and I'm just in love with that huge smile! Yesterday we had preschool screening, and he scored 100% - he got all the points he could get! I always wonder if I'm doing this whole mom thing right, and if he's going to fall behind if I don't do something or forget to teach him something - but according to the teacher yesterday - he looks perfect and is ahead of the game for a 4 year old - I'm so proud of you buddy!

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lauriestrey said...

Way to go Gavin!!! You are one awesome kid. love you!