Friday, March 18, 2011

techno kid

It's amazing for me to think about how different the technology is that Gavin is growing up with. He has no problem turning on the computer, navigating the mouse, finding, and playing his games. He knows exactly how to answer my phone, put it on speaker phone and have a conversation with someone, all while playing angry birds at the same time. He knows how to find and play all sorts of games on my phone without any help at all. They recently started using a computer lab at school, and Gav loves it! There is a specific program that they get to color different bible scenes, and he just thinks it is great. He was really upset the other day when we were going home, and his friends were going to the lab. When we got in the car he says "Mom, can't we just go to Computer Lab Dot Com?" "No Gavin, that isn't where that game is that you like, does Miss Lindsey put in a disc when you play the game? Maybe we could ask her what the name is and go to the store and buy it." His response was... "Oh man, it's probably at a store really super far away......... or Target." Ha! He's learned well, you can buy anything at Target! Also, the other day I asked Gavin if maybe one day next week we should take a little trip to see Landen, if Krista was feeling up to it. He wanted to go immediately. I told him we had to wait and ask Krista if that would be ok. His response? "Mommy, just text her and see what she says!" It really makes me wonder what else is going to be so different for him. What is the next new thing they are going to come up with?

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Krista said...

This is a funny post b/c I was just thinking about that with Landen too when we were skyping the other day. That is going to be so normal for him. & btw, you guys are more then welcome anytime to visit us! Can't wait to see you! Love you guys!