Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just another fun thing....

Hey everyone! I have pictures to post, I just haven't been able to download them, so I thought I would just give a fun update of what G has been up to. The little things that he does everyday are what really make me smile, so I thought I would share a few of those. Lately, he has been so extra polite, he always says excuse me when he walks past you and he always says please when he asks for something (which makes it hard to say no!) But our favorite thing that he does lately is says thank you to EVERYTHING! It's hilarious, and in his little voice it sounds like "sank you." We were in the car and he asked "what's that?" I said "that's a tree" and he says "oh sank you." Today we were walking down the stairs and I made it to the room first, he goes "where are you?" I said in your toy room and he says "oh sank you mommy." Its just so darn sweet! He literally says it to everything we do! We also had pizza for dinner the other night and I gave him some pop; he looked at it and says "this is a treat!" Lately he has been calling daddy "Bryan" at dinner bryan was looking the other way and he says "Bryan - let's eat!" we were in the car after leaving the gym and Bryan and I were talking and gavin yells from the back seat... "bryan - stop!" We just keep reminding him that his name is daddy - but for now it's pretty cute! When we leave daycare he always turns around and waves and says "goodbye friends!" His words are coming so fast, I can hardly believe everything that he can say! Above all of that though, my heart just melts when Gavin says "I love you mommy" he can say it so clear and he says it without me saying it first - I was changing his diaper the other night and he just grabbed onto my arm and gave me a huge hug and with the biggest smile says "I love you mommy!" He is just the best!! We have enjoyed the Fall (as much as I can knowing that my least favorite time of year is around the corner.) Gavin LOVED the leaves, those pictures are to come! Of course my camera wasn't charged, so I didn't get the super cute ones that I wanted... but I got some pictures none the less. We also carved and painted pumpkins on Thursday night - which was fun too! I worked last weekend, so Bryan and Gavin got to see a firetruck with uncle Nick and Gavin also helped papa combine corn! Papa sent home some corn with Gavin and today all he could talk about was "papas corn!" I guess when he saw dad in the combine he said "Papas mowing!" wow - we have had a fun month! I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow!!


lauriestrey said...

Awwww, he is so sweet. Your post brings tears to my eyes. These little boys are so precious. We are so lucky.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!
love you!

The Wulfs said...

I agree~Gavin is talking sooooo much! When he got to our house on Saturday Night he said "Angi, angi come and see the fishies"!!! It was too cute!