Thursday, October 23, 2008

what a day!

Oy! today has been quite the day! I had the day off, so Gavin didn't go to daycare today. We started off this morning with a wake up call by G at 5 am! He wouldn't go back to sleep, so I finally gave in and let him watch the disney channel in our bed. all was fine this morning, until gavin went into his room to play - I stole that quick moment to put a load of laundry in the wash... bad idea. by the time I went back in his room, he was standing in the doorway COVERED head to toe in lotion! (Bryan just told me last night I need to take all of the lotions out of G's room now that he has free reign!) He had a huge smile on his face and says to me "I wash with this soap mommy" It was all over his rug, all over the floor, all over the door and he was covered in it. Rigley somehow managed to stay free of that one. so, he got a bath, no big deal. Then I decided to let him help me bathe Rigley... yet another bad idea. There was water EVERYWHERE! He helped me clean that up and we continued to play. By 11:00 Gavin could barely keep his eyes open. I reheated last nights supper for a quick lunch and went to lay him down. he went right to his bed and we read some books, then he wanted to read "brown bear brown bear" to his baby (his new favorite book) I left him alone and pretty soon I heard him get up again, so I went back in and laid him down, at some point he gained a huge surge of energy because he was talking non stop! finally I got him to lay down again and went out to check my e-mail... pretty soon I heard a door slam and I could hear Gavin laughing. I opened his door - nothing - an empty room. then I hear "watch this rigley... one, two three - jump! four five six - I did it!!" then laughter and barking. Gavin is now showing off his jumping skills, on my bed to our dog. so I decided maybe I should try and lay down next to him (I really should have given up by this point) I put a pillow on the floor next to gavin's bed and told him it was quiet time, then he refused to lay in his bed, he wanted to lay on the floor too - I must have looked angry or frustrated because Gav comes up to me and says "don't cry mommy, need a hug?" I don't think I was that near tears, but I was a little flustered! He kept giving me these really big hugs and patting my back - so now I couldn't even be mad at the little monster! finally I gave in and we went downstairs to watch a movie. So, three hours after the whole ordeal started, he is sleeping like an angel in his bed.... what a day!


Krista said...

Oh are too funny! sounds like you've had quite the day!

i can't wait to see you again! be good for your mommy.

love you,

Smudges and Blips said...

Sounds like you have quite the little adventurer/stunt man!

lauriestrey said...

Gavin - you are a cute, funny little boy! I'm glad you are giving me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to with Owen. Can't wait - you two are precious! love you tons!
Auntie Laurie