Friday, December 19, 2008

are you kidding me?!?

Wow - we had another very interesting day in the Wulf household. The fun never ends with a crazy two year old in your life. Gavin woke up this morning with his eye matted shut - so Bryan decided he needed to stay home from daycare today. I worked last night, so on my way home I made Gav a doctor's appointment for this morning. Bryan left for work when I got home. As I was finishing getting ready, like a flash of lightening, Gavin grabbed something from my bathroom and took off towards the living room. I proceed to chase after him, only to realize that he was carrying fingernail polish! Very quietly and calmly, I tried to approach him before he could open the bottle (I felt like I was approaching someone carrying a gun!) But Gavin is way too fast for me, especially after I've been awake all night long. As soon as I took a step toward him he had the bottle open and started shaking it - all over my living room floor and my new couch - it was all over both of our hands and on his clothes! Well, I had just used the last of my polish remover, and we were late for our appointment, so I took a couple of deep breaths, called my mom and just left. I'm sure the doctor wondered why we were both covered in polish - but I didn't really feel the need to explain. Oh - did I fail to mention that he picked the RED polish?!? Gavin said he was sorry the entire way to the clinic - but somehow I still felt like I am failing miserably as a mom. When we got home, I called the fabric care company who we bought a warrenty through when we got the couch - the lady very nicely explained to me that pretty much Gavin could have peed, pooped, puked or even bled all over my couch and they would have replaced it, he could have split any liquid substance on the couch and they would have cleaned it for me, but unfortunately nail polish is the only thing not covered. of course it's not - thanks Gav. I also called the professional furniture cleaners and they had no advice for me and were not willing to even come and try to get it out. So, I contacted our insurance agent, once again, unfortunately, personal losses such as couches are not covered under home owners insurance. So, on my hands and knees I went, scrubbing for an hour - the carpet looks ok now and a quick flip of the couch cushions and no one ever has to know what happened. I will however, have the evidence of my sons adventure with red nail polish... the fun really never ends!


Jill S said...

OMG - that stinks!!! I'm sorry, Mer! I would have completely lost it. Glad you got most of it out!! :(

Jill S said...

...and you are NOT failing as a mother!! That stuff happens to all of us!! :) Hugs to you all - have a Merry Christmas!

lauriestrey said...

Oh Gavin, you are a typical little boy, aren't you?! I'm glad you have such a patient, kind, loving mother...we love you little boys even when you are stinkers!

Mer - you are one fabulous Mom! Don't ever forget it!! Remember all the stories of things Dad told us he did? Remember, Gavin has some of those genes ;)

love you all and can't wait to see you next week. I miss Gavin so much!