Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the {perfect} tree!

Note Gavin's very appropriate jams he's wearing... the truck is hauling the Christmas tree - i keep telling him that's uncle Nick's truck - but he insists it's Angi's!!! thanks for the jams nick, ang, lauren and ellie!!!

We are so excited about our "perfect" little Christmas tree! It looks so cute and cozy in our basement! Tonight, Gav insisted that he line up all of his Christmas toys under the tree and we take a picture! He is loving the season, every time we drive past houses with lights, he says "oooo mommy, look - it's Christmas!" The other day he saw a picture of Owen after he was just born and asked "is that baby Jesus?" I decided to start a new tradition and took G to pick out his own ornament for the tree this year, it'll be fun to see how his choices change each year. This year, he was pretty excited about the "little Einsteins Rocket ship" because it sings - so we added that one to our tree tonight!


The Wulfs said...

Oh the tree IS perfect!!! Gavin looks so perfect too in his cute jams!

Krista said...

That tree is so cute! and G just makes me laugh. i can't wait to see him next weekend!

Love you & Miss you!