Saturday, March 28, 2009

What?!? No more monkey!

So.... I have called Gavin "monkey" since the day he was born. It's a very fitting name for him, as he seems to be able to climb over anything! The other day after I picked him up from daycare, I asked him "hey monkey, did you have a good day at school?" Gavin replied by putting his head down and shaking it, saying "mommy... you no more call me monkey, just Gavin." Then later on in the night, I said to him "hey monkey doodles, it's time for supper."
To which Gavin replied, "mommy.... no more monkey doodles... JUST GAVIN!" Could it be that he really doesn't want to be my monkey anymore?! Lets hope that this is just a phase and that I can keep my little monkey a bit longer!

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