Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Back!

Krista and I got back from our trip to Cabo San Lucas late last night. It was a long day of traveling, and a relief to get home and see Gavin - but boy was it hard to leave the sunshine, the beach and the ocean! We had soooo much fun! Our plan was not to make any plans - and we succeeded! We spent almost all of our time on the beach in the sun! We were usually the first ones out there and the last to leave. It was so fun having coffee on the beach every morning! We ate a lot of sushi and really good seafood. It was nice to have so much time with Krista too - we missed you Laurie... don't worry we celebrated your birthday too! It was like there was always a reminder that Laur wasn't there with us - the empty seat next to us on the way down, the lone lounge chair that no one sat in.... we really wished you could have come too!!!!
We seemed to have really good luck on this trip. When we arrived at the airport on Saturday morning, we found out that our connecting flight to Denver had been cancelled due to snow! But luckily Frontier switched us to a direct flight on NWA - so we arrived in Mexico more than two hours earlier than planned! Yesterday though - it was VERY windy flying into Denver, so it was quite bumpy... we actually had to circle for about a half hour before they would clear us to land because of the wind.
It was a wonderful, very much needed trip to relax! Thanks for all the fun Krissy!!!!

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lauriestrey said...

it looks like you had a blast and I WISH I could have come too! Next year maybe?! I was thinking about you guys the entire time and I'm so glad you had fun and now that you are safe at home with your boys.

Kisses to Gavin! Welcome home!