Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow - the Easter bunny was good to Gav!

Easter Egg Hunt!

I've kind of been procrastinating writing about Easter - because I was very sad that I missed most of it. It happened to be my weekend AND my holiday to work, so I spent the entire time at the hospital. I tried to make it home in time for the Easter egg hunt at our church, but got home a little too late, so we didn't make it to that either. I actually even cried about it. It's getting harder and harder to miss things as Gavin gets older - he looks at me and says "you come too mommy?" sorry buddy - gotta go to sleep - it sucks. But, Bryan was super dad and brought Gavin to see everyone else for the holiday. Saturday they spent with my family - and Gavin was so excited to see Owen - everyday he tells me he is going to Owen's house today! Nana and Papa gave him a super cool Police car cosey coope - he's been riding it all the time! Sunday, Gavin had a blast at Nick and Angi's - especially the Easter Egg hunt - he brought home lots of eggs full of goodies - he was talking about how much fun he had with Lauren and Ellie! Sunday afternoon we just hung out at home. Gavin found his Easter basket pretty quickly and was SO excited that the bunny brought him a Phineas and Ferb towel - which is what he has been asking for forever! They had a really nice weekend with family, and I'm still sad that I wasn't there.

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lauriestrey said...

just so you know, we missed you too! Also, I forgot to bring part of Gavin's Easter gift and I still haven't gotten to the post office (sorry!) but I'll try to get there over lunch and get that off to you!!