Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For Gavin's birthday weekend, Lauren and Ellie came to stay with us - and we had so much fun! Saturday we took the kids to Big Kahuna park and had a picnic, went mini golfing and rode the bumper boats. Ellie was so sweet all day, and just kept telling me what a fun day she was having. Her highlight was getting the ONLY hole-in-one during golf - we were all pretty proud of her! Lauren loved the bumper boats and was so excited that she got to drive one all by herself! We went to our favorite park to play for awhile before going home. I learned that Ellie doesn't like spagetti, but that she'll eat just the sauce for supper - with no complaints at all! The three kids all wanted to watch a different movie that night - so Ellie and Gavin compromised with a Mickey Christmas show and Lauren was happy watching Night at the Museum with Bryan - it didn't take any of them very long to fall asleep that night. Sunday morning we all played outside and the three kids all came with me to pick up Gavin's cake. I had gone to the bakery weeks ago and ordered Gavin's cake. They called Saturday and told me that they were having trouble with their printer and wouldn't be able to make the Nemo design - which is all Gav really wanted. So, I frantically called around to other bakerys to see if anyone would make me a Nemo cake at the last minute. Cash Wise said they could do a Finding Nemo design - but I wasn't exactly sure what it was going to look like. It turned out to be so cute and Gavin just loved it! The problem was keeping his hands out of it until after lunch - the little stinker kept trying to sneak bites of it every time I turned around. Nick and Ang, Gary and Kathy and Mom and Dad all came over for lunch and celebrated with us. I think G had a great time! Now the real count down has begun to our Disney World vacation. Today, Gavin didn't even want to get out of his carseat - he told me to just go pack his suitcase and he'd wait for me in the car so we could go meet Owen in Disney World! We leave for the cities Saturday and our flight takes off Sunday - yay - 10 days with my two favorite people (and 7 more who are pretty fun too!)

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